About Empower-Fidelitas

History of Empower-Fidelitas

Empower-Fidelitas, UAB, part of the international group of companies Empower Group, has been constructing pre-fabricated steel towers and masts for mobile operators and other businesses, as well as public authorities for the past 21 years.

Our turn-key service package includes design work, supply of structures, all construction works, installation of communication equipment, and all formalities required to certify construction work for use. The company also offers services of technical maintenance of these structures. Another service the company offers to its customers is the supply, installation and maintenance of certified fall protection solutions.

The company is willing to take on interesting and unconventional projects, for example, we have designed and built observation towers in some of the most picturesque locations across Lithuania. 

For the past several years, the company has been expanding into the construction market for the energy industry – we have successfully engaged in projects for the high-voltage power lines carried out by the Empower Group in Finland and Sweden. We also install antennas in the major Swedish cities. The company has the expertise and can design and install wind turbines.