Are you up for a challenge?

We offer internships and thesis work opportunities for students in different fields. At Empower, you will develop through responsible and interesting tasks and get a chance to prove yourself.

For many Empower employees, traineeship and thesis work have worked as a stepping stone to a career at Empower. We offer opportunities in different roles with versatile and interesting tasks.

We are looking for people who believe in our values and want to develop by taking on responsibility - which we offer you on the first steps of your career path. Encouraging, friendly and skilful colleagues will support your Empower journey and help you to develop. At Empower, you are a valued expert doing a job that really matters – realizing smart society essentials.

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Are you interested in the opportunity to join our mission and grow into an expert? We offer opportunities for students year-round throughout Lithuania, Finland.

Send the application and let us know what kind of tasks you are interested in. The application is stored in our electronic database, where we keep the applications for six months. We will contact you if a suitable opportunity opens.